Generate or Buy SaaS Companies Leads

Generating leads is the key purpose of any marketing department. Recent researches show that 85% of marketers put the lead generation and sales at the top of their goals list for the content marketing. Quality SaaS leads are core to any B2B company, since coming up with new insights for how to increase leads can […]

What is SaaS

What is SaaS in general Nowadays SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) belongs to a new way to access software and is opposed to usual methods of access. So if you are not sure about what is SaaS and what kind of benefits it brings, our article will be useful for you. While in the past we purchased software […]

Sales Goals in B2B SaaS Companies

In sales, everyone has goals. Some are set by the companies, and some by the individual. Especially for b2b Saas companies, the New Year means new sales quotas and new personal objectives, rather than extraordinary celebration. Despite the importance placed on these goals, research shows that 54% of sales reps don’t reach them. It has been […]

When it comes to lead generation for service companies, the first thing which comes into consideration is social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest is really taking a dose of our time and time of our customers. That is why we consider all of these as an achievable and chip tool. However, they are not effective enough […]

The crucial thing, which a startup can do to boost its success is to raise the leads generation rate. Startup lead generation for product startups is a key element to success and company’s growth. In this blog post we are going to help you to go through the challenges of your first qualified leads generation.You […]

Are you still not using sales trigger events? Don’t eliminate your revenue. Inbound is a kind of sales approach, which may help you not only to save your profit but earn more money as well. Sales with trigger events are a form of social activity or a kind of event, which indicates your business could […]